About Us

History of Astron College of Education

Astron College, Meerut which is running under the aegis of Astron Educational Samiti has its own place in Northern India. The institutions run by this samiti are highly appreciated for the all round development of moral, physical and intellectual knowledge of the Astronians.

The society aims at the formation of Character, the first essential of any sound educational system. The aim of inculcation of practical knowledge is based on the use of the latest teaching techniques. The Institution offers educational programs in Educational training, management, Information technology, Commerce, etc.

Our Objectives
  • To understand and teach the nature, purpose and Philosophy of secondary education.
  • To enable students to utilize community resources as educational input.
  • To develop, aesthetic and sensitivity in research and education.
  • To make the students acquainted with the factors and forces affecting the current education system so as to make them JOB ready to handle any class room situation.
  • To encourage students, to use modern information Technology in teaching used worldwide.
  • To develop awareness bout the role of the education in building up a democratic, secular and socialistic pattern of society.
  • To develop students into outstanding professionals, teachers, Researchers, Leaders altogether a better Human Being, There by developing into a centre of excellence.


Astron College is dedicated to preparing students with the knowledge, skills and training needed for meaningful employment. Our Mission is to prepare effective Teacher Educators/Teachers, Administrators, IT Professionals, Thinkers, Researchers and Leaders who are capable of responding to the changing needs of modern society. 

Through education, we create opportunities, change lives and impact futures.


Our College envisages the translation of its motto “Sa Vidya Ya Vimukthaye” into actuality. We see education as a means to bring socio-cultural equality and economic empowerment to all.

Our Values

We provide a quality education and learning environment. We embody integrity in everything we do. We believe in partnership with employers, students, graduates and our communities. We have pride in our students and are passionate about their success. We respect diversity and believe all people should have the opportunity to get an education and find meaningful employment. We believe in continuous improvement and exploring new ideas.